Kate Beckinsale: a privileged for his 13 years in Underworld


The saga Underwood arrives with his fifth delivery and its protagonist, Kate Beckinsale, assures feel a “privileged” by the thirteen years that he has been in a role that has marked his career and always, he says, he likes to re.

In an interview given in Miami, the English actress said that “Underworld 5 Blood Wars”, which will premiere on January 6 in the united States and Spain on day 13 in the same month, likes the “strength” of your character and the fact that they always have men at your orders, which is, according to the interpreter, something “great”.

Re-interpret to Selene, his character in Underworld, means, for the actress of 43 years old, escape to a fantasy world in which you can get “in the skin of a powerful woman and physically sure of herself” able “to express their anger and their rage”. Although fans of the series will also be found in this fifth installment with the Selene more emotional.

Underworld: Blood Wars

In the fifth installment of Underworld, Selene returns to the fight with the werewolves and against a faction of vampires that betrayto do this you have your ally David, played by Theo James (Divergent) and with Thomas, the father of David, played by Charles Dance (Game of Thrones).

The film of action and science-fiction account, with Anna Foerster in the direction of the project and the script of Cory Goodman. The first poster follows the line of the previous installments of the saga.

The cast of the sequel, which has changed many of their faces, completed by Tobias Menzies and Lara Pulver. Beckinsale is one of the few actresses who has maintained throughout all of the deliveries, missing only in the prequel Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

The new production has been shot in Praguea location in which it explains the actress, just have to mount film sets with great castles and caves.

A long adventure

The different installments of the saga Underworld are separated from each other by a long space of timeso the actress from Chiswick considers that it is not a role “do all of the time”. In addition, he says, allows him to reconnect with some people “who are in the team from the first film, as the doubles team,” says the interpreter.

Beckinsale remember that this whole adventure started as an “experiment” after his leap to fame with Pearl Harbor in the year 2001 and I didn’t expect that this role will grow up to have a tour so long for her. “It was not my plan to do that with my career, but it is a privilege to be one of the few women who do this time and time again,” he concludes.

“I guess that Selene is part of me, although don’t feel well,” admits the actress. In addition, she has not wanted to confirm whether or not there is a sixth installment as well says: “All the times that I have wondered if there will be any more I’ve always said no, and I’ve always been wrong.”

The interpreter of the famous hunter of lycanthropes has revealed that the directors of the film have wanted to leave, just as in other installments of the saga, an open end.

Kate has also participated this year in the small production irish Love and friendship, a ribbon of time that is adding up nominations for best actress in awards such as the Gotham and Critics ‘ Choice Awards.