Katy Perry revealed how he overcame the depression thanks to Orlando Bloom –


The singer told how her partner helped her through tough times.

Intimate, pop star Katy Perry (35) spoke about her struggle with depression and revealed how her partner, Orlando Bloom (42), helped her to have a new perspective of life.

“Orlando is a very wise being. When we met he told me that we were going to heal each other and remove the poison, and actually do it. It is exhausting, but we support each other. I never had a partner who was willing to undertake a spiritual and emotional journey as Orlando. It is a great challenge, because you’re facing constantly things that you don’t like you. It is like a cleaning with no end” confessed Perry in the latest edition of the magazine Vogue India.

The singer, who has had his ups and downs, said it has spent “by therapy, the Process Hoffman (N. of R.: a treatment with a retreat of one week) and medicinal plants”, and that Bloom helped her to find her north. “I have a mate who is always in search of balance. Orlando is very spiritual. He is my anchor that keeps me with my feet on the ground, and it is very real. It is not the fan number one of Katy Perry, but the fan number one of Katheryn Hudson” he said, referring to his real name.

Perry said he was going through a very good time, but he reflected on the difficulties that had to be overcome between the years 2017 and 2018.

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I became very depressed and did not want to get out of bed“ she recalled. “In the past, I was able to overcome it, but this time something happened that made me fall many steps. I really had to go on a journey of mental health“ detailed and told that “although the press every couple of months makes me ‘Perry, the piñata’, fortunately I no longer feel that I need your approval”.

A romantic postcard of the couple, two months ago, in Egypt.

Katy and Orlando are together from 2016. The following year had a brief estrangement, but the love was stronger. On Valentine’s day last year committedand the singer said that they want to form a “large family”.