Katy Perry reveals how Orlando Bloom saved her from depression


Katy Perry suffered a lot due to the breakup of their marriage with the comedian Russell Brand and the course of his career was a bit truncated for some years now and that he could not develop his talent at 100 percent.

During a interview with Vogue India, Katy for 35 years, has revealed that her battle against the depression and love has helped him to accept help and go to therapy, but her boyfriend Orlando Bloom was the real key to find your emotional stability.

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Katy he said that his fiance, 42 years old, has always been there for her, in difficult times is when you most feel its support.

I have a mate who is also about finding a balance: Orlando, who is on a spiritual journey by itself. It is an anchor that stops me, and it is very real.

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Perry he said:

Orlando it is like a wise man, when we first met, he said that we take away the poison, and actually do it

It is exhausting, but really we are not responsible for each other, I never had a partner who was willing to undertake a spiritual and emotional journey as Orlando.

During the interview, Perry he recalled the years 2017 and 2018, where it was consumed by the depression:

I became very depressed and did not want to get out of bed, in the past, I was able to overcome it, but this time something happened that made me fall for the many flights of stairs. I really had to go on a journey of mental health

Katy still has many plans for the future, such as being involved within companies environmental, go to school, and his desire is to influence people to run for a position in government. Yaay!

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