Kendall Jenner and her secret to increase the bust for a day


From 2017, Kendall Jenner took to Gisele B√ľndchen the title of the model better paid of the world (that the brazilian model had for 15 consecutive years). And it is very likely that the 2020’s sister Kylie Jenner has this listed position for the fourth consecutive year.

In addition to being a supermodel, Kendall Jenner is a tv starwith more than 128 million of followers (just on Instagram), is considered an it girl and one of the most influential celebrities of the moment. For this reason, we are not surprised that she is on the red carpet and most exclusive events each year, or starring in the advertising campaigns of recognized companies, in addition to that this famous cares little for their publications in social networks in order to always look spectacular.

It is for this reason that Kenny cares so much about their physical appearance and, sometimes, using some beauty tips to look even more attractive. And according to Daily Mail and some experts in surgery and aesthetic procedures, the it girl resorts to a method becoming more common in Hollywood to increase the volume of the breasts quickly, for a day.

The injection that Kendall Jenner increases your bust by 24 hours

It is a physiological saline in a short time expands the breast tissue for about a day, so this beauty treatment for the bust, as an injection, it is a very effective method to use some of the celebs before a photo shoot, red carpet or any other special event.