Kendall Jenner and the top that inspired the prom dress more special Bershka


In the last few weeks it is possible that you have been looking for comfortable clothes to spend the day at home rendered style comfy or training sets are suitable for going out to the street. But, among all the proposals of aesthetic relaxed and sports, the brands also include in their new designs to make us dream of summer. Options more special that they move away from the basics and looking to revolutionize the closet to base of colors, patterns, and all kind of finishes. A few weeks ago, Bershka launched a party dress that, to the lovers of fashion and the universe Kardashian-Jenner, it was quite familiar. It was a model metallic and short very similar to that that Kendall Jenner took in its celebration of 21st birthday and that, in turn, was inspired by the already iconic look that Paris Hilton wore to blow out 21 candles. Now, the brand added to their party dresses, a choice that reminds us of one of the lookazos street most remembered Kendall, the one who took the last summer in Los Angeles, where he gave a new air to the jeans always combine them with a black top with sleeves and ruffles.

Kendall Jenner top flyers

In August 2019, the model was photographed on the streets of Los Angeles with a set that raises the mixture cropped top and jeans to another level of boldness and style. Dressed in a pair of jeans basic high-rise and appearance vintagesome male shoes from Dr. Martens and a shoulder bag of Longchamp, the mannequin opted for a eye-catching garment top. A black top tube (a garment is very present in the dressing room of the supermodels) that it appeared from their simple aesthetics thanks to the sleeves of ruffles that remataban the garment. These sleeves in white color, with a discreet floral print and puffed, stood in sharp contrast with the sobriety of the black and made this design in the center of attention of the whole. The pledge was signed by the new zealand brand Paris Georgia, a label which Kendall has opted on several occasions. Almost a year after this lookazo acaparara headlines of the specialized press, Bershka reflects the trend in one of their latest creations.

Prom dress from Bershka

In the case of the Spanish brand, this is a short dress black. A model which puckers the silhouette, with a nod to some of the other trends that dominate the season, and that leaves the shoulders bare, revealing a neckline Bardot-reminiscent of the top of the model. Also in this proposal, the most striking is the the shape of the sleeves, high-volume and in white with patterned dots. This black and white contrast is another of the similarities that it shares with the election of Kendall. The design is available in the shop online for a price of 35,99€ and in Bershka propose to combine it with a high heel sandals black with straps crossed at the ankle, a perfect choice for a look of party. If you are looking to adapt it to sets of more informal and integrate this garment in a look of street, following the formula of style of Kendallyou can opt for a shoe men’s, sneakers or white sandals flat basic.