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The model and influencer Kendall Jenner has agreed to pay $ 90,000 to reconcile a lawsuit brought against it in relation to the failed Fyre Festivala course musical event of luxury planned for April 2017 and whose promotion was involved, but that would never take place.

Jenner, who published a post of Instagram promoting the festival, settled a complaint filed by a group administrator of bankruptcy that is trying to recover money that was spent on the organization of the festival in the name of the creditors that provided the funds for the event.

Next to Jenner, who received money for the promotion of the festival, have also been reported for other artists who were to participate in the great feast, who were paid for their performances by the organizer of the event, Billy McFarland, and that he then did not take place, as Migos, Pusha T, Blink-182 and Lil Yachty.

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The terms of the agreement appear in documents filed on Tuesday before the Bankruptcy Court of Manhattan, in the which consists that Jenner, who has 129 million followers on Instagram, received of the company of McFarland, Fyre Average, $ 250,000 for the publication of a promotional event and $ 25,000 more a few days later.

Jenner has denied any liability related to the claim, and the agreement was reached after the bankruptcy administrator, Gregory Messer, and the model laid down for mediation in 2019.

The bankruptcy laws in the united. UU. give the possibility to the administrators of the same to recover payments made by the company prior to the bankruptcy. The breakdown of the festival has resulted in numerous civil lawsuits and is the subject of several documentaries broadcast on the digital platforms such as Hulu and Netflix, while McFarland, the founder of the event, is serving a sentence of imprisonment of 6 years for fraud.

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Several models have promoted the Fyre Festival in their profiles of the social network Instagram, which gave great visibility to the luxurious event, for the young people of high purchasing power paid thousands of dollars of tickets, accommodation and food. In its promotional material, the Fyre Festival, whose tickets were worth between 4,000 and 12,000 dollars, sold several days of concerts in a private island in the Bahamas, which supposedly had been owned by the drug trafficker Pablo Escobar.

The organization promised the attendees a shuttle in private jets, and would have beachside villas and opulent meals before you go to concerts of popular groups and singers.

However, many of the attendees showed in the social networks of tents and half-erect equipped only with mattresses soaked by the rain, simple grilled cheese sandwiches, shuttle aircraft, commercial and school buses, lack of mobile latrines, and the attention to the public is virtually zero. After more than a day of waiting, the event was canceled because of the evident lack of resources.