Kylie Jenner shows her stretch marks on Instagram, and the fans LOVE it


Actually, the fact that celebrities have relaxed a bit with the theme of your photos and editing them to upload them to social networks (especially Instagram), is something very appreciated by the fans. It is as if you no longer wish to have this image of “perfection” and now not afraid to climb things that were once considered “imperfections”, that the truth is something ABSOLUTELY human and normal. For example, body hair, pimples on the face, gray hair… and of course, the stretch marks, one of the taboos larger for women, and that LOVE for order is already being completed which are so demonized by society. And just Kylie Jenner demonstrates on this occasion!

Although it is known that in the family Jenner-Kardashian photo editing is the order of the day (in fact, Kylie Jenner just upload a photo badly edited on Instagram and the fans certainly let them know), on this occasion Kylie Jenner decided to upload a picture in their stories in Instagramwhere can you have shown that already to be afraid of your stretch marks is a thing of the past, AND we SUPPORT IT.

And there is no doubt that this photograph on Instagram of Kylie Jenner showing off their stretch marks, had a positive impact among the fans: