Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj: victims of hackers


Lady Gaga has been involved in a serious problem, since in the last few weeks, they would have become the direct target of a group of hackers computer called REvil.

The singer, is one of the many celebrities that were a direct target for the illegal job of this kind of groups, looking especially photographs intimate and sexual videos, and then blackmail the artist to publish such content.

In the case of the singer of “Bad romance”, it is believed that the hackers accessed the virtual servers of your mobile devices including your cell phone, where they found confidential data.

The protagonist of “A Star Is Born” could be under serious threats concerning make public all this information unless they pay a high sum of money, whose amount is 21 million dollars.

Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are facing hackers

The magazine Variety reported that not only the singer has suffered all kinds of amenzanas, if not also in the list of affected are the famous singers Madonna, Nicki Minaj and the social network Facebook, among other personalities and entities, which are in legal processes to fix the situation.

A news portal ensures, that the booty, which they use to blackmail Lady Gaga consists of phone numbers, contracts, private correspondence, confidentiality agreements, and photographs related to your more intimate level.

While the spoils of Madonna and Nicki Minaj could include songs not published until the papers of private properties.

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A cybersecurity expert called Brett Callow, esplico that the singers do not have many options against these attacks, since it states that even if they pay, do not have guarantees to ensure that these data are not delivered to a third party, especially given their high value in the market.