Lady Gaga returns to pop dance and a transgressor with “Stupid Love”


After a break of more than three years in which Lady Gaga it was nominated for the Oscarwon a Golden globe and he composed one of the soundtracks more successful of the decade, the artist now returns to the pop the most immediate and danceable with his new single, Stupid Love.

This is the first original song that Gaga post, except the compositions for the film ‘A Star is Born’, from her album intimate ‘Joanne’, 2016, and the first issue completely pop since the launch of ‘Artpop’ in 2013, after success as Poker Face or Born This Way.

For Stupid Love, Gaga has returned to show an aesthetic, colourful and irreverent to accompany the release with a music video that has a setting between the futuristic and what post-apocalyptic and in which the singer appears as the leader a colorful tribe in the middle of the desert.

“The world rots in conflicts. Many tribes fight for the domain. While the spiritual pray and sleep by the peace, the punks of the kindness fight for Chromatica”, says the intro of the video.

Video: YouTube account: Laday Gaga

This song is the first single from the future album of Gaga, which is rumored to take the title of ‘Chromatica’.

It seems that after your exploration of the jazz together with Tony Bennett on the ‘Cheeck to Cheeck’ and the folk ‘Joane’, the diva will sound more immediate and choreography as popularized in Bad Romance or Just Dance.

The expectation for this return of Gaga the pop was such that her single was leaked a month ago internetalthough his team decided not to bring forward the official publication of the same.

In recent years, Lady Gaga was introduced into the acting world with his participation in the series ‘American Horror Story’ and his starring role in ‘A Star is Born’, to the side of Bradley Cooper.

In addition to being nominated for best actress at the Oscars Gaga won an award for the soundtrack of the tape, it follows the success Shallowthat exceeds 1 000 million reproductions in the internet platforms.

Before, Gaga it was one of the most relevant figures of the pop thanks to his albums ‘The Fame’ (2008), ‘The Fame Monster’ (2009) and ‘Born This Way’ (2011), which earned him comparisons with stars like Madonna and Britney Spears.

After the premiere failed ‘Artpop’ (2013), which despite its ambition, it failed commercially, the singer explored new disciplines until his return today with a song, Stupid Love, in which are seen some references to that work.