Learn how to make the braids Rapunzel who worships Kim Kardashian


The long tresses of Kim Kardashian always sets trends and styles. Recently, socialite, businesswoman and model wore a long braids in his account of Instagram, which became quite a sensation, and the most striking thing is that they seemed to style Rapunzel.

The idea of Kim to become the new queen of the industry of hair, is more than present with your tresses or clinejas XXL; even the very Jennifer Lopez, also has led to this hairstyle.

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Other celebrities like Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid have also fallen rendered to this hair look.

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The creator of this style was the stylist of The Angels, Jesus Guerrero, and it is a braid style classic, but with more than a meter long.

What if we noticed, is that Kim, 39 years old, loves to wear this style of braids when it comes to enjoy the sea or the swimming pool. In other words, it is ideal for open spaces, the sun and the sand because it prevents the sweating in the scalp.

Braids always give a touch very cool to any look with beauty and, the best part, is that it is really very simple to make them.

Here is a step-by-step for you to learn to do the braids Dutch of Kim Kardashian:

– First, it detangles your hair perfectly. And, once unraveling, split in two, making the stripe in the middle of your head.

– You can apply some wax or gel to your hair is a much better set, although without this product you can also make them perfectly.

– It is time to begin with the braids. Separates the half of your hair in a ponytail and apártalo. Then, take a small tuft on the front of your hair (the half that you have not separated) and split it up into three.

– Now get in the classic process of making a braid, but… it upside down! Instead of spending sections above, please do so below.

– Just trenzarlo once. When you tap return to go under the first strand, add another lock of your hair, and so on, until you reach the end of your head.

– Once you get to the end of the head (where you’ve already had to add all the strands loose), finish your braid inverted and anúdala with a gomita fine.

– Repeat the process with the other half of your mane.

– Finally, you can apply a little wax in the bottom of the braids to make them more compact. And they are ready.

Also do cute braids style Kim following this tutorial:

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