Luxurious private plane Jennifer Lopez


Only the mortals traveling on commercial flights, when it comes to artists of the likes of Jennifer Lopez, the luxury occupies each of its spaces.

Jennifer Lopez showed recently in the private plane, luxurious, her fiance Alex Rodriguez, that is fully customized with the logo brand of the former baseball player is now dedicated to the business and to nurture their personal brand.

Jennifer Lopez travels in this luxurious private plane

In aircraft, J. Lo posed seated, with the hair pinned up and with their corrective lenses, using a set sport black is also designed for the mark of his love.

After a start of the 2020’s pretty hectic at the star in the show halftime of the Super Bowl in February, the quarantine by the pandemic, has been a season of rest and reflection for Jennifer Lopez.

The mornings are relaxed next to her fiance Alex Rodriguez, who embraces reading the newspaper.

Share with your children, it is essential for her, beyond work commitments, and in the past Mothers Day, dedicated to him a tender message to your shoots.

“Being a mom is my greatest achievement and happiness. My greatest challenge and my greatest triumph”, stressed the artist who not only sings but dances, acts and designs.

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