Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) demonstrates their knowledge of rock and metal


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The acclaimed actress, model and producer, the australian – who has had roles in the movies ‘The wolf of Wall Street’, ‘Suicide squad’ (in which he played Harley Quinn) or ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ among others – has made use of his understanding in the field of rock and metal with the occasion of the promotion that is being carried out of the latest film that stars: ‘Birds of Prey’ (translated as ‘Birds of prey’).

Margot Robbie he appealed to these notions during the last visit he made to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonin the which competed against the presenter who baptizes such a program in a test in which they both had to overcome his adversary in the number of names, such with regard to a certain subject. When the turn came for promotion to rock bands, Margot didn’t hesitate to tighten the nuts Jimmy Fallon answering quickly Aerosmith, Kiss, Slipknot, Metallica and The Beach Boys. Finally, repeat the name of San Francisco would lead the presenter to u.s. clinched with the victory. Don’t miss this competition below:

Robbie already visited Fallon in 2016, and at that time already spoke of what were his musical tastes during his teenage years:“When I was 14 I dyed the hair black and I cut it to blade. Only I wore t-shirts of groups of heavy metal more hard. It was very strange; I put things of bands like Silverstein or Bullet For my Valentine”. The actress also recalled how he lived one of the first bowling who witnessed, being the band in question Slpiknot: “I went to one of their concerts and until today I remember it as the best show I’ve ever been”.

Robbie is not the only Hollywood star that has shared his fondness for the metal in recent months. The past year was Jason Momoafamous for appearing in productions such as ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Aquaman’, which had been revealed as a fan of Slayer and Anthrax then sing a topic of Pantera with Phil Anselmo live.


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