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The musical success of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” celebrates 25 yearsand for the first time in its history, the subject has achieved the first place of the Billboard, one of the major music charts american.

And to celebrate this milestone, the singer released a new video clip for the single which has remained effective in the playlist for christmas. In fact, the 25th of December of 2018 went on to become the song most played in the history of Spotify in a day, with 10.8 million views.

This video clip came under the title “Make my wish come true Edition” on YouTube and presented to the actress in different scenarios full of fantasy christmas. If that weren’t enough, the clip features Monroe and Moroccan.

The address of the video clip was done by famous director Joseph Kahn, who has worked with big artists like Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga, among others.

In just 5 days, the audiovisual has exceeded 22 million views on YouTube. The funny thing is that it corresponds to a fact quite remarkable taking into account that the issue dates back to 1994.

If this were not enough, the award-winning artist also shared the making of this video that animates the christmas of millions of people.


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