Mia Khalifa boasts his great attributes and his flat abdomen


The former actress in adult films Mia Khalifa recently bragged about his flat abdomen and his great attributes in his official account of Instagram.

To date this continues to be one of the celebrities who, despite no longer exercise continues to cause a sensation in social networks or on any digital medium .

Mia was not always his sculptural body but when he was still a teenager, he had problems of overweight, although not as marked, though for it if it was.

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Thanks to its physical effort, probably a strict diet and lots of physical activity Khalifa has managed to have a body sculpture which today is proud will surely.

Recently shared a video that shows part of your outfit sports before heading to the gym, showing part of her cute skin and especially of its stomach well-worked that even though you do not yet have “the squares marked” yes looks like someone who constantly makes exercise, gradually you will be able to appreciate the results.

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“it works two times to hear @ theestallion mode hoe of winter activated”, description and translation of the publication of Khalifa.

Their 18.2 million followers they are happy each time you share a publication of this style because they can appreciate the beauty and charisma of the entrepreneur.

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It’s been more than 4 years since Mia Khalifa decided to leave the industry adult film as she said in an interview that he had disappointed the market, although the 26-year-old work only one year in this industry was recorded in the heart and the head many of his current followers.

Currently, Khalifa is dedicated to making calendars in which she herself is the protagonist, as well as some tv commercials of products or services, data that have been seen from its official account of Instagram because in reality you do not have a lot of data from Mia, but what you can see on the internet is not doing anything wrong.

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