Mia Khalifa finally gives the yes


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Mia Khalifa has decided to leave behind their escándaloso past and is now happily engaged with the chef Swedish Robet Sandberg, with whom he now lives and shares his life.

The successful star porn0 several Internet sites in 2014 is living a fairy tale with her current boyfriend after we leave the movies for adults.

Khalifa he was born in Lebanon to a February 10, 1993 and moved to the united States at the age of 7 years. After leaving the industry, Mia worked in Miami as a legal assistant and accountant, in these last years has stood out as a personality of social networks.

Despite the fact that in one of her many movies utiilizo a hijab, the exactriz was raised as a catholic but no longer practices the faith.

At the beginning of this year, Mia Khalifa engaged with her handsome boyfriend, chef Swedish, Robert Sandberg, who in a publication of Instagram told what happened ell day of the engagement.

We went to Chicago this weekend and we had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed marriage to @miakhalifa and she said YES! The ring was hidden in a bowl of ingredients,” explained Robert.

Throughout the race Khalifaappeared in a total of 21 films during the 3 months that she worked as an actress porn0, today it is more known for being a great influencer and has more than 16.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.7 million on Twitter.

Currently, Mia enjoys a great relationship together with your fiancé, chef Robert and in addition, they live together sharing their love and romance all day.

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