Miley Cyrus celebrates the anniversary of Malibu, his love song about Liam Hemsworth


The pop star recalled the hymn romantic that he wrote for his now-ex-husband.

3 years ago, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were living the sweetness of your love then be reconciled in 2015. At that time, both shared the same home in front of the beach and were happy to handle all your pets are shared.

This scenario inspired the former girl Disney to write Malibua topic that exalt the happiness of being again with the actor Hunger Games.

At this point we already know how he ended that story, but even so, Miley felt she had to celebrate the release of his old song.

Watch the video above and find out how he paid tribute to his composition on Hemsworth.

A lot has changed for the co-stars of The Last Song since his divorce. In addition to finding love with fellow musician Cody Simpson, Cyrus presented its own program on Instagram called Bright Minded, about which he spoke recently in an interview with the magazine WSJ.

“When my community, my peers and heroes, and local activists began to communicate with me, I knew I had something special that I was actually doing what it should do. To connect to the people,” he told the media, adding that the popular show “has evolved so deeply in trying to provide some escapism to the opposite: not to escape, to immerse themselves in a deeper engagement with our community.”