Miley Cyrus used to be Hannah Montana to talk about the Coronavirus


The powerful message of Miley Cyrus as Hannah Monatana on the Coronavirus

‘I know, considerate, respectful, compassionate and HUMAN as you prepare for a social distancing… NOBODY needs to every one of the soups that are in the supermarket, the more we accumulate, the more costly and scarce our essential needs, leaving many without the basics that they need,’ said the pop star next to a video of the successful television series of the first decade of 2000, in which her friends Lilly and Oliver come home from Hannah carrying big bags and boxes with supplies from the supermarket, because Montana the insinuation that they were in a ‘great emergency’.

‘This is a great time to practice moderation… it is incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while you’re in a panic, but think twice before you let go of the fear and be desconsideros. There is enough for all, if we take care of each other. This is a beautiful moment for ¡LEAD!’, added the interpreter of 27 years.

Does Hannah Monatana predicted the Coronavirus?

Using the hashtag ‘#hannahmontanapredictedcoronavirus’ (‘Hannah Montana’ predicted the Coronavirus’), the american actress of 27 years related to the funny clips that have been posting here with messages about the COVID-19 and, using his sense of humor, suggested (as a joke) that they are proof that the series of Disney was ahead of his time and predicted a pandemic such as this.