Millie Bobby Brown arrow to the heart of Romeo Beckham


Millie Bobby Brown not only debuted today the trailer for the third season of “Stranger Things” but also his heart already has a new tenant, it is nothing more and nothing less than Romeo Beckham.

The second son of the astro Real Madrid and Manchester UnitedDavid and singer and designer Victoria Beckham, has been sagging to the actress who plays “Eleven” in the story of the brothers Duffer that is transmitted via Netflix.

The young couple met 3 years ago when they agreed in a gala for UNICEF in New York when the actress also of “Godzilla” was responsible for giving a prize to the also team owner of the MLS, International Club Football Miami.

At the gala, I asked Millie what the future afforded to “Eleven” and she replied: “I don’t know maybe something with Romeo Beckham” and now we see that was referred to.

With this relationship, Bobby Brown would have already forgotten by american singer-Jacob Sartorius with the one that broke a year ago.

According to The Daily Mail a source close to the teens, she’s 15 and he’s 16, he confirmed that Victoria Beckham gave them his approval and admires Millie.

On the other hand, Brooklyn, the eldest of the Beckham family, also gave start to a relationship, but he with the model Hana Cross.


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