Millie Bobby Brown caused a sensation covering Amy Winehouse


Despite his young age, the actress Millie Bobbie Brown is already a star with a spectacular career ahead of him and millions of followers on Instagram. And is that thanks to his role of Eleven in the successful series for Netflix of ‘Stranger Things’the teen has become one of the ‘celebrities’ most popular girls. But if you already had millions of fans for her acting skills, it is very possible that now you go to redoblarlos thanks to his latest display of talent: covering Amy Winehouse.

And is that the interpreter visited yesterday the program of Jimmy Fallon, who has the habit of doing a karaoke of famous songs with some of their guests. This time, however, it was not that particular section, which led to the momentazo, if not that this simply gave when the famous presenter then asked Millie for their musical influences. And the English recognized that Amy Winehouse had always been her absolute favorite, even from a small girl.

The confession served to Fallon teach a cute video in which appears the actress with only 5 years of age, intoning with great seriousness the topic of ‘Valerie’ by british artistthat is good to remember he died with only 27 years because of an overdose. The endearing clip triggered the applause of the audience, which had to motivate Millie enough to want to prove how much he has improved over the years.

“Now I can listen to it and imitate it,” said the interpreter, and indeed, when cast in the own stage to sing ‘You Know I m not good’ was able to reproduce with a fair degree of certainty, and despite the difference in timbre, the shape of phrase so characteristic of the singer. And just a couple of stanzas served to both the public present as Fallon is to surrender to the cover of Millie, all of which, however, has already unveiled his musical talent previously when I went out with the singer ‘teen’ Jacob Sartorius. And returned to reassert to participate with Fallon in his classic karaoke.

And although the actress would make it clear that in the list of their vocalists, favorites is Winehouse, tit also recognized that when you are working in the filming, that you prefer to perk up before you have to shoot it to Beyoncé. On the other hand, the visit to the program, Fallon was on the occasion of the promotion of his new film: ‘Godzilla: king of the monsters’, due for release on the 31st of this month.