Mon Laferte upload this photo as a teenager and compare with Selena and Shakira


In times of quarantine the artists have used creativity to stay active in social networks. To not be able to upload photos of studio recordings, or in the respective tours, some musicians opted for posting videos where you show their homes while others appealed to the nostalgia. Mon Laferte did the last.

The interpreter of “Amárrame” uploaded a photo to Instagram when she was a teenager. “I think I was like 13 years old”, wrote the singer. The image quickly became viral on the social network and the followers were able to avoid the comparison with another singer, Selena.

In the picture, the trunk of memories, Mon Laferte is listed with curly hair and a tender smile. That look not only earned him a simile with the deceased american artist.

Other followers, in addition to praising the beauty of the singer, and also compared with the colombian singer Shakira. It had a look similar to when he started his journey in the music industry.