More than 900 deportations of minors in the U.S. are accounted for in full pandemic


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Deportation continues to be one of the most controversial issues in EE..UU. even before the pandemic by COVID-19. Even at the beginning of may, it was a controversial policy to facilitate the deportation of residents, legal immigrants, that is to say, those who possess Green Card.

As days pass, the numbers of infections and deaths from coronavirus in the country continue to rise. It accounted for more than a million and a half of confirmed cases, but the efforts in the field of health remain.

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Even with the tenuous situation, the officers at the border of the united States do not rest to keep the territory free of potential interns illegal.

As a measure more severe to prevent the crossing of immigrants, Trump suggested days ago that the wall is painted black. So, who had the intentions to illegally enter, it would burn your hands to the absorption of heat from the building, enhanced by the tone of the painting.

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Meanwhile, the deportations insane continue without skimping on the vulnerability of those affected. According to a exclusive research The New York Timesin less than two months, the u.s. government deported more than 900 migrant children, without informing their family members.

The anguish of their relatives is latent: many still know nothing of the minors, who in most cases travel without companions and without a full understanding of the situation that surrounds them.

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According to the authorities, the so-called “deportations ” express” that passed the minor are held by the latent fear that the coronavirus is spreading across the country.

The research highlighted that only 166 children were able to remain in the united States, but the Agency of Customs and Border Protection (CBP, for its acronym in English) is not explained how it is that decisions of deportation on children during the pandemic.

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The american government continued this type of deportations, which will remain in effect while he deals with the latent threat of the coronavirus.

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