My life revolves around my daughter: Kate Beckinsale


At age 43 Kate Beckinsale it takes more than half of their life on stage, time enough to learn two things: “away your children from the cameras and never read anything they published magazines and newspapers.”

The English actress arrived to the city of Mexico to promote the fifth installment of the saga Underworld, which now is titled “Wars of blood” and in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, he confessed that life and friends have taught him how to handle success too early and how to be able to lead a personal life away from the tabloids.

“I’m in this since I was 18, I had the good fortune of starting with the right foot, and my success was a gradual process, I always said that was good because when you’re earning spaces, are like small battles and terrain that will make you see that it was not fortuitous and there is a work behind, which makes you keep clear and not get carried away by the fame,” he said.

Kate, who claims to live in London to be away from the media, explained that today he loves to make characters that empower women, and even though their love is in the action, his heart is with his daughter, for it never would sacrifice time with her for some project.

“Today I have the fortune of being able to choose the projects I want to do and that is in relation to life with my daughter, everything revolves around her, if filming interferes with to be with her, I don’t agree. I can’t be so long away from her, she always goes where I go, but it also has obligations like going to school and I so hold,” he said.

In addition, her daughter Lily Mo -product of her relationship of eight years with Michael Shee – confesses Kate, also influences the artistic decisions that you take, as was a return this year to the saga Underworld.

“It is incredible that my daughter will see me doing a role as Selena, a vampire fighting werewolves, it makes him cool, so we could say that a large part of that has returned to this franchise should be to it,” she added.