Nails Kylie Jenner: how to make your manicure rainbow in just three steps


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Kylie Jenner is the queen of the spring, and your nails are the proof. The young businesswoman bragged through his account of Instagram a manicure that besides being super sophisticated and discrete, it has a touch of fun that we love.

We refer to his french-mani rainbow.

To achieve this nail art you only need to have a couple of enamels, acetone and a lot of attitude to look like the youngest of the Kardashian sisters.


If you’re dying to join this fun trend, you’re in the right place. We present to you the definitive guide to replicate the manicure of Kylie without leaving home and in just three steps. Sounds great right? Hands up!


#1 Prepare your nails

To get this style, it is important that you make sure that your nails are free of nail Polish. Once you are clean, you should limarlas until you get a round tip.

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Then, it passes a block brightener to give a better finish to the surface. Then covered with two layers of varnish colour nude.

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Andrii Oleksiienko

If you want this nail art to look nicer, we recommend you do this when your nails are a little long. If you take a long time to grow, you can apply a home remedy to increase its size in a couple of days.

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#2 it Colors!

Be patient and wait until the enamel has completely dried and the finish is uniform.

Then, adhere a sticker of a half moon or a bit of masking tape fingernail and leave the tip uncovered.

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We arrived to the moment of truth. Paint the tip of each nail with a different tone.

If you want to be 100% identical to that of Kylie, you have to paint them in the following order: yellow on the thumb, blue on the index lila in the middle, orange on the ring and pink on the pinky.

bottles of Polish
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#3 final Details

Wait a couple of minutes to dry the first color layer and apply a second round, in this way the tones will be more intense.

Once the enamel is dry, remove the adhesive and apply a varnish matizador to give a touch more sophisticated.

varnish of a
Georgi Roshkov

While it dries, clean the edges of your nails with a cotton swab soaked in acetone andvoilĂ ! You already have the manicure rainbow of the very Kylie Jenner.


Don’t worry if you don’t hits the first, the key is that you practice this style until you perfect it and get the look of spring that you are looking for.

Add a little color and life to your nails, and get ready to be the feeling. Your hands will look beautiful!

And you what are you waiting for join this trend?

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