Natalia Barulich received praise from some colleagues in his IG


Currently the profile of Instagram of Natalia Barulich it has more than 2 million followers, something that is extremely important for anyone who stands out in the fashion world.

The former couple Maluma has stated in several opportunities as she spends her days quarantine, as has also documented some of their work on the covers of magazines most important.

A few das I added to Instagram, a post wearing an orange shirt with details in white polka dots, a flower in tone-on-his face adorned a make-up matte and large earrings as accessories.

But recently the model, also, I decided to post a video of one of its tasks ms recent, a proposal that did in Dubai with Xp edition Magazine.

“One of the projects ms beautiful in which I have worked est coming this month. A memory so special in Dubai of the early years. I can not wait for this”, he announced the famous in the clip of his IG.

In the production notes to Natalia climb a ladder placed as a gateway, in the middle of the arena, she wears a dress with a tail that starts below his head and extends to the floor, adorned in golden details.

The publication of Barulich reached more than 400 thousand views and thousands of comments, among them some famous, who noted her beauty, as being the model Yanet GarcĂ­a and singer Greeicy Rendn, who decorated their messages with emojis.