Nicki Minaj and her husband discussed with Meek Mill in a clothing store


Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill were dating for several years, but in 2017 there was a definitive and since then there has been a lot of news related to both. Okay, if there was some other beefbut nothing as strong as what has happened this weekend.

Nicki, Kenneth and Meek agreed Maxfield

According to say, Nicki was shopping next to Kenneth Petty, her husband, and was met with Meek in Maxfield, what made the three began to discuss heatedly.

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After a few minutes of insults, cries and accusations that the rapper had not exceeded his former, Meek had to be escorted out of the store.

It is not known very well the reason of the discussionnor who started it, but what is known is that both Nicki Minaj as Meek Mill were photographed with the rapper Retch, something that made the young rapper getting defensive to view the article.

We have discussed but now we are friends.

One of my uncles favorites in the game since I was little.

This has been the last econtronazo between the exnovios, after Nicki Mentioned a long time ago to Mill in ‘Barbie Dreams’ saying that they still wrote messages for Instagram.

As both are dedicated to the music it is likely that re-match soon, we just hope you behave in a more quiet next time.

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