O goddess! Natalia Barulich caused havoc on networks with a gift millionaire and Maluma is jealous!


Natalia Barulich recently has gone through a season of much controversy, after her emotional split with a renowned singer and be linked with another famous sports figure.

The international model he seems to enjoy the controversy, because contrary to what many think, the negative comments in place of affect is conducive to its popularity.

As is well known, the protagonist of the video clip “Happy 4” is residenciada temporarily in the united Arab Emirates, from where he keeps his followers updated with his stunning photos.

From the exotic location, has been commissioned to document part of their experiences, the time that meets their various professional commitments as the image of well-known brands.

To the surprise of his followers, the ex-Maluma gave free rein to their creativity and decided to make a publication very different to what we are used to seeing, taking advantage of the majestic views in which it is located.

It is a kind of joke, in which the ambassador of Gucci recreates a funny video showing a sort of sketch, in which it is dazzled by a stunning gift that offers a mysterious man, only to be disappointed.

The alleged gift is nothing more and nothing less than a luxurious car latest model, which eventually turns out to be a hoax. At the end of the audio-visual, can be see as Barulich it ends with a modest bike to the time that you claim outraged the alleged millionaire.