OMG: Karol G does not resist and ends up dancing in front of the mirror, And how!


Karol G is characterized by being a charming artist with great skills for singing and especially for dancing, thanks to all the practices carried out in front of the mirror, for a good example there is nothing better than to see it on the front page or in this video.

At 29 years of age Karol G has managed to position itself as one of the artists of urban music’s most award-winning time, in addition it is also one of the most influential, thanks to the great interaction that takes place by means of their social networks of Instagram and twitter.

But all this has not achieved it alone, and that is the encartadora Karol G has had the unconditional support of his father, who exercised the work of the manager and is also the main creator of the great artistic career of the famous singer.

And is that from a very tender age the famous showed his undeniable skills for the singing, the musical composition, and above all to the body. This last we cannot deny it for anything in the world, on more than one occasion has shown us how well you move your body to the rhythm of the music.

In fact, on one occasion we were able to observe the most beautiful bride Anuel AA moving his hips to the best rhythm of reggaeton, and top it all off his look conveyed a lot of sensuality by the way in that looked through the mirror All of a divaza!

Without a doubt, this short video he managed to untie the thoughts most hidden of his followers, who did not wait a long time to send their most beautiful comments in the profile official Instagram of the famous, and it is that ��Who is reluctant to do so?