Osaka, the athlete with more income; exceeds Serena Williams – Sports


London. The tennis player japanese Naomi Osaka surpassed his colleague Serena Williams as the female athlete with more income in the world, totaling 37.4 million in prizes and contracts during the past year, according to the magazine Forbes.

The figure is the highest won by an athlete in a year, surpassing the record of 29.7 million dollars of the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova in 2015.

The winner of two Grand Slam tournaments, 22 years of age, exceeded by $ 1.4 million to Williams, who had headed the list for the past four years.

The players have headed the list of Forbes since 1990, with Williams or Sharapova to the head since 2004.

Osaka rose to fame by beating Williams in the final of the U.s. Open in 2018. Then, the japanese conquered the Australian Open at the start of the next season.

Osaka today sum 15 sponsorship agreements with brands such as Nike, Nissan Motors, Shiseido and Yonex.