Ready to quarantine! Kate Beckinsale and the sweet photo of your pet!


“Stay safe this weekend,” was the phrase that accompanied the photo of your cat. And the same can be seen sitting on your kitchen counter, looking at the camera with a chinstrap of black color. The order was addressed to his followers and to cause a greater impact he preferred the advice of his best friend.


“The postings with your cat are killing me. I love it! Enjoy your weekend”, “it Is so beautiful, but her face does not show too much happiness”, “don’t you think that this small creature accurate that you brush your hair?”, “My cats will never cease to do anything other than feed them, yours is adorable. Up mask you could put”, it was the comments of his followers.


This is not the first time that Kate performs a publication on your pet, but rather the opposite. In the middle of the confinement, the animal became the true protagonist of their videos and photos since apparently, it has a very particular character. Even, the actress decided to show that while it is a great companion, he is also very naughty. For this reason, it is Breckinsale kept him in penance, as a way to make him understand, that you can’t perform your needs in any place of the house, much less, on the couch.

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Kate Beckinsale

As the days go by cabin fever, the well-known artist, the relationship with your cat and what becomes popular on social networks, as it is a fascinating character.