Revealed the list of 50 most Beautiful People in People magazine in Spanish


This is the first time in the more than 20-year history of the magazine that made an issue remotely” continuous Belt, which then adds: “And with this comes a problem, how do we do the photo shoots?”.


And is usually chosen to several prominent individuals from the list to star in the cover of this edition of People in Spanish, but due to the pandemic was impossible the 4 protagonists of this year could be together.

Therefore, the decision that opened 4 different coverswith individual photos of four. Selected to appear were the cuban singer Camila Hairthe Spanish singer Rosaliathe mexican actress Aislinn Derbez and the tv presenter in the dominican Clarissa Molinabeing first of all, appearing on the magazine’s list of the.

Beautiful, for a better world” is the title of the special edition of the “50 Most Beautiful People” and ” in Spanish. In the publication, the famous talk about how they are living the quarantine by the coronaviruslike how they have changed in their lives since the beginning of the pandemic at the global level and what are your upcoming projects for this 2020.

Personalities such as Sofia Carson, John Rivera, Alejandra Espinoza, Catherine Siachoque, Dayanara Torres, Maluma, Michelle Galvan, Danna Paola, Ana de Armas, Jennifer Lopez, Maite Perroni, in fact, Cinnamon, Ivy Queen, Antonio Banderas, Ozuna, Lin-Manuel Miranda, José Ron, Rita Moreno, Gloria Goyo Martinez, Sech, Joy Huerta and his wife Dian Atri, Carlos Ponce and his fiancée Karina Band, Gabriel Soto and his girlfriend Irina Baeva, Becky G and her boyfriend Sebastian Lletget, Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Mendez, Francisca Lachapel and your fiance Francesco Zampognapart of the edition 2020 of the “50 Most Beautiful People en Español”.


The singer Rosalía is one of the 4 protagonists of this edition’re special People magazine en Espa&bath;ol, carried out’ in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus.

The singer Rosalia is one of the 4 protagonists of this special edition of People magazine in Spanish, which was conducted in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Full list of the 50 Most Beautiful 2020 People in Spanish

  • 1. Lin Manuel Miranda
  • 2. Leslie Grace
  • 3. Anthony Ramos
  • 4. Melissa Barrera
  • 5. Camilo
  • 6. Ana de Armas
  • 7. Alejandra Espinoza
  • 8. Danna Paola
  • 9. Maite Perroni
  • 10. In Fact, Cinnamon
  • 11. Paulina Chavez
  • 12. Gaby Espino
  • 13.Joan Smalls
  • 14. Camila Hair
  • 15. Ozuna
  • 16. Jennifer Lopez
  • 17. Clarissa Molina
  • 18. Bad Bunny
  • 19. Sech
  • 20. Rodrigo Guirao
  • 21. Carlos Ponce
  • 22. Karina Band
  • 23. Irina Baeva
  • 24. Gabriel Soto
  • 25. Sofia Carson
  • 26. Sebastian Yatra
  • 27. José Ron
  • 28. Aislinn Derbez
  • 29. Chiquis Rivera
  • 30. Lorenzo Mendez
  • 31. Francisca Lachapel
  • 32. Francesco Zampogna (pair Francisca Lachapel)
  • 33. Joy Huerta
  • 34. Diana Atri
  • 35. Catherine Siachoque
  • 36. Michelle Galvan
  • 37. Dayanara Torres
  • 38. Rosalia
  • 39. Becky G
  • 40. Sebastian Lletget
  • 41. Antonio Banderas
  • 42. Christian Serratos
  • 43. Rita Moreno
  • 44. Gloria “Goyo” Martínez (ChocQuibTown)
  • 45. Dasha Polanco
  • 46. Maluma
  • 47. Ivy Queen
  • 48. Doctor Juan Rivera
  • 49. Lucianno of Alesandro
  • 50. Techy Fatule