Rihanna launches its brand for skin care: Fenty Skin


Robyn Rihanna Fenty And Linda Fargo Celebrate The Launch Of FENTY At Bergdorf Goodman

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From that Rihanna landed in the world of beauty, has not stopped reaping successes with each launch within your firm Fenty Beauty. But the singer is not satisfied with that and always want to go a step beyond, as it has done now, by creating your own signature for the skin care: Fenty Skinthat goes hand in hand with your brand of makeup.

Already in march of last year sounded all the alarms when the businesswoman made a request for registration in the Patent and Trademark Office of the united States, and now their new brand is already a reality. This has been confirmed by the own Rihanna to a well-known means, though not yet known the release date of Fenty Skinalthough Rihanna has made it clear that we will not have to wait too long. The Umbrella it seems that he wanted to continue keeping the secret for more time and that will get the information about your new brand with the eyedropper, because it has not given many details about what we will find in this brand new under the label of Fenty.

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Although we can imagine what will thanks to the description in the registration of the patent. There one could read that the mark would be based on the “products of care of skin medicinal and non-medicinal, soaps, products for body care and personal care (except cosmetics with color, perfume and other products, which contain fragrances), related accessories between them as kits, tools beauty and applicators.” Or what is the same, what is meant by a firm of cosmetics focused on products for the skin of the face.

What is clear is that Fenty Skin it will be a success as it has been Fenty Beautyas it also promises to gather the essence of the artist and Rihanna be very present also in the creative process, as it has done since its inception in his signature makeup.

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