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According to Boris Becker Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the best,” The former German tennis player, ranked the swiss and the american, in the highest part of the history of this sport. Think that 2021 would be a year of emergence of new figures.

As not to state that if everything were normal, the international tennis would be waiting for one of their major annual events: the French Open, which as always had to develop in Roland Garros. However, the pandemic of Covid-19 holds that instead of thinking through Bois de Bulogne, the theme of capital is the inaction sports widespread.

In this context, it is appropriate to seek opinions more qualified. As without a doubt it is the German Boris Becker, a legend of world tennis and member of the Academy of Laureus, who referred to the impact that the coronavirus might have in the immediate future.

In the section substantial of the interview, the German referred to the three players most amount of Grand Slam titles they have in the history of this sport: Roger Federer has 20; Rafael Nadal 19 and Novak Djokovic, 17.

“We all wonder about what the top stars of the tennis today will affect you more this year lost. Nadal has won 12 times in Paris and this year I had the opportunity to match Federer there… in Addition, just for the added pressure, the more veterans will suffer more because they have lost a year. The talent of Federer defies all logic, but shall comply with 40 the next year‘.

In the midst of the uncertainty about how long they will last with the current restrictions, Becker asks if he can be the Australian Open the next Grand Slam to be played.

“If so, then perhaps 2021 will see the progression of the young stars. The three major champions have won everything, several times; so I think that it is time for the younger generation take a step forward. It would be interesting to be able to defeat the Top 3: do not view leaders to the young, when the veterans can’t more”.


To mention to potential candidates to push for the sites of privilege, Becker I do not hesitate to give their points of view.

“The best of the last two years has been Dominic Thiem. Reached three important end and played very well against Novak, losing in five sets in Melbourne. I also really like Stefanos Tsitsipas; the way in which unfolds inside and outside of the court and how to play,” she said.

* “Of the germans, I really like Sascha Zverev: he reached the semi-final in Melbourne and is only 22 years old; so you should wait a long career ahead of him. There are other younger players, who are also fascinating”, noted in relation to their fellow countrymen.

“It would be very nice to be able to see a final between a young man of 22 and a expert of 33 years. That would be the best thing for the tennis; it is more necessary that young people continue to rise to the level”, he added.

“I think Andy Murray will benefit, because it is not yet fully fit after his hip operation in and this long break is actually good for recovery, so you’re not losing this time”, he concluded.

On the ladies

In the framework of the extended interview with Laurus.com Boris Becker also referred to the present the women’s tennis international.

“In women’s tennis, the focus is on Serena Williams, with 23 Grand Slams, is only one behind Margaret Court. Can Serena match to Margaret?, we are always asking ourselves…”, he pointed out.

“It’s mother, and exceeds thirty years. I am sure that he would love to play the US Open this year. Call it the greatest of all time in the women’s tour, and it certainly deserves that title. I, being German, I keep thinking about Steffi Graf as our queen in the sport; but Serena is, without doubt, the largest. Margaret Court is the most successful. That said, in their day they played three of the four major tournaments on grass, so it was more easy to earn if you feel comfortable on grass,” he said.

“I’m sure Serena wants to reach out to the 24 titles; I think that is the reason why the play continues. You know, she is a role model for all the mothers who are professionally involved in the sport. While you want to play, I think he can win. So while Serena is good enough to get to the end, is good enough to win,” he said.

“It is clear that the youth would not lie down. They know that once they are in a final, they are not playing against a figure: they are playing for the title. It happened to Bianca Andreescu in the final of the US Open or Simone Halep in Wimbledon, last year. Not played against a name.”

In addition…

In his role as a member of the Academy Laureus Boris Becker believes in the work done by Laureus Sport for Good, using sport to help young people overcome violence, discrimination and inequality.

“The children are our future. More than ever, the members of the Academy we firmly believe that sport has the power to change the world. Whether in projects in Africa or talking with your own children about the importance of sport and a good lifestyle. This is more important than ever,” he mused.

In the past 20 years, Laureus Sport for Good has raised over 150 million euros for the sector of Sport for Development, reaching and helping to change the lives of nearly six million children and young people. Laureus Sport for Good service currently supports more than 200 programs in more than 40 countries that use the power of sport to transform lives.


The former tennis player is australian, Ashley Cooper, passed away Friday at the age of 83 in Melbourne. He was number one in the world in 1950 and winner of four Grand Slam titles. The Australian Federation of Tennis escribrió: “His contribution to sport went far beyond his exploits in the courts. He left behind a legacy huge.” Had gotten two times the Australian Open, one US Open and a British Open. In addition, he had a successful career as a doblista, winning two coronations at Roland Garros, next to his countryman Neale Fraser.

Clijsters wants more

The belgian Kim Clijsters, former world number one in 2003 and announced his return to tennis at the age of 36, after having retired in 2012, announced that it will continue to play, but not played any match in this season.

* “I hope that we can still play in 2020; but even if this is not the case, I continue in activity,” said the athlete to the 8 of June will fulfill 37 years.

The european withdrawal of the circuit in 2012 to devote himself to his family, he was the world number one and winner of four Grand Slam tournaments: the US Open, in 2005, 2009 and 2010; and the Australian Open , in 2011. The quarantine was surprised in New Jersey (united States), but finally was able to return to Belgium.

“I still feel motivated. If you can play the US Open, I want to be well prepared, it would be fantastic to return there, in the centre court Arthur Ashe, although I will also be happy if I tap on any other”, he concluded.