Selena Gomez defends Hailey Baldwin, wife of Justin Bieber


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Selena Gomez recently released two new songs that seem to talk about their relationship with Justin Bieber, what triggered a war (according to the interpretation of the fans) between it and Hailey Baldwin, the current wife of the singer.

After the premiere of the songs of Selenea, “Lose you to love me”, which tells of a relationship toxic, and “Look at her now”, an anthem of overcoming, the model Hailey Baldwin posted on Instagram Stories the phrase of a song that says “I’m going to kill you (I kill you)”, which many fans interpreted as a response to Selena.

However, due to the media attention that gained its publication, Baldwin had to clarify in another of his stories that the song had not been a message for anyone.

However, its publication aroused the anger and the chatter of the fans of Gomez, those who insulted him and sent hate messages to the model, so that the singer did not kept quiet and came out in defense of Baldwin.

During a live in which Selena answered questions from his fans, one of them asked his opinion on the controversy, to which Selena replied giving a lesson:

“I do not support women who get with each other and I never will. So please, always be kind to everyone, no matter the situation. If you are my fans, please do not be nasty with anyone and do not go around saying things that only you feel at this moment”, replied categorically to put an end to such discussion.