Selena Gomez rapa and compare it with Britney Spears


Selena Gomez rapa and compare it with Britney Spearsbecause just a few days after boasting its lush mane in social networks, filtered an image of the celebrity in exercise clothes and with hair extremely short, is all well in paradise?

And is that Selena Gomez has been proudly long. Recently revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that since then had been focused on taking care of your mental health, so that she was even far away from the stage.

Now, Selena Gomez returns to the public life. First, presented topics of his new album that is still in full pandemic have proved to be a resounding success and in addition, it was announced that the next month will premiere the final season of “13 reasons why” , the series that came to Netflix and that caused great controversy by showing the real life of the adolescents.

Selena Gomez could let go of other projects with which he has explored his creative side, the realization of other materials for Netflix, his collaboration with renowned brands and now, the controversial style that is giving what to talk about on social networks.

Selena Gomez rapa are in trouble like Britney Spears?

If well, years have passed since the great Britney Spears is to shave off the head to suffer a nervous breakdown, it was a moment that passed to the history. Now that Selena Gomez appears with hair in a similar style, all they ask in social networks what happened and the explanation is quite interesting.

While, several celebrities have made big changes in your hair, as Miley Cyrus or Angela Aguilar, in the case of Selena Gomez it is not so. The image of Selena rapa is simply a photo edited digitally by one of his followers, in addition, it is not unique, there are several of the same style, the confusion was to be expected.

In reality, Selena Gomez still at home, respecting the quarantine and spending time with his family, in addition to work as much as you can on the new projects that soon will come to the light, as he shared in Instagram. Do you have fallen into the illusion? For a moment we also.

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