Serena Williams reveals the morning routine with his daughter Olympia


From the tennis player Serena Williams gave birth to their daughter, Olympia, she has published many things about what to do with it. And he continues to publish things as she just posted a video of her morning routine with her.

Take a look.

The morning routine of Serena Williams with her daughter As you can see in the video above, Serena Williams and her daughter are preparing.

She goes on to say that Olympia copy everything he does. And as most people would expect, the morning routine became a chaos with the Olympia pulling the hair of Serena.

Clearly, this is not the best morning routine as possible, but Serena would not mind. She is happy to be spending quality time with his daughter. And spends more time now than ever, because the WTA Tour has sidosuspendido so you don’t have to travel at all.

Serena Williams plays all morning with her daughter Olympia

Given that Serena is going well with your daughter, many people might wonder: what is going to retire soon? Many people would say yes, as he has 38 years old, but it is not going to retire until you achieve a goal: to become the GOAT of women’s tennis.

And to do that you have to keep the record of most Grand Slam titles. Margaret Court owns the record and won 24, but Serena is not far behind. She only has to win Grand Slam to match this record.

But it has not done so, even after having had many opportunities to do so in the past few years. Your next opportunity will only come after a time, as the WTA Tour, only to return in August.

We can expect them to train hard. And with luck, when you return to the Tour, will seal its position as the best in the history of tennis. Are there any other figure in tennis who is so attached to their children, like Serena Williams what is with the Olympia?