Serena Williams takes the post Kendall Jenner as a model

We are used to seeing Serena Williams with footwear and top sports in the courts but away from the pitch the star american exudes glamour and elegance. So much so that the ex número uno in the world in the circuit WTHas displaced the own Kendall Jennerone of the most sought after models in the world, as the image of the prestigious brand of shoes Stuart Weitzmen.

For the last few seasons, Kendall Jenner is the usual image of the campaign of Stuart Weitzmen but his replacement to 2020 has just arrived with a calm that conveys the beauty and power that the brand represents.

The popular tennis player protagonist of the campaign spring-summer 2020 Stuart Weitzman. The great star of world tennis shows us how sensual that can be uploaded to high heels high.

The player exemplifies the message of optimism and hope of this campaign, and carries a message of encouragement: “Now, more than ever, is a time to focus on hope and move forward. I want women of every generation will be inspired to do so, provide a step joint”.

She, who has always shown courage and resilience to overcome the obstacles along his career, he has been chosen to represent the women, who are pillars of hope and optimism.

The campaign is presented in black and white images and have been taken by Ethan James Green and perfectly reflect the spirit of the collection.

But the designs of shoes also has been done in full color; the wager, along with the white and silver has been the intense fuchsia. A color that is very flattering to combine with the garments of summer. And the designs include sandals, mules, and lounges that can be put on any occasion, from the looks more casual to the more ceremonious.

Stuart Weitzman is always a safe bet to choose a shoe with which you could be perfect at any time of the day or night.

Serena is also using this project to highlight the global association of the firm called Vital Voices, a nonprofit organization that invests in women leaders that drive the global change. The player selected personally to leaders like Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno, co-founder of Future For Us, and Ashlee Wisdom, founder of Health In HerHUE, whose organizations support women of color.

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