Shakira faces Messi with Pique to uncover the biggest scandal of Antonella Roccuzzo


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On more than one occasion it has been said that the relationship between the colombian singer Shakira and Antonella Roccuzzo, wife of Leo Messithere was never anything good.

The reason would lie in the Antonella it was a very close friend of Núria Tomásthat was a couple of Gerard Pique before the artist and the defense of the FC Barcelona begin their relationship. And Roccuzzo would not have liked a hair of Barranquilla to enter into the life of Pique, because he would consider that the rupture between Gerard and Núria it was because of this alleged interference.

Núria Tomás sends a message of surprise to Gerard Pique | File

Keep the distances

They, for their part, have never spoken about it. But in the circles close to the WAGs ensure that the relationship between the two is non-existent, and that this even would have led to a certain estrangement between Pique and Messi.

Which, for example, Shakira take her to the wedding of the argentine people, a dress that had been used was considered by many as a sign of the importance that has for Shak the life of Antonella and Leo.

Shakira wedding dress antonella

In addition, to Shakira never saw it next to Roccuzzo in the celebrations of the team fc barcelona. The colombian has always kept away from the rest of the women footballers. And, above all, of Rosario.

The alleged revelation of Antonella Roccuzzo

But attention to what is published by the middle According to the website, Roccuzzo I would have gone by aerating the aesthetic operations that would have subjected Shakira throughout his career, pointing out that the physical spectacular that shows the colombian is not natural, nor thanks to his work in the gym.

Between what is confessed by Antonella would be a “liposuction, a rhinoplasty, a facelift (to remove wrinkles) and a mentoplasty”. The medium, in addition, underlines the fact that the first time we saw Shakira with some touch-up was in 2008when you saw a nose different.