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That has not stopped the uproar following the announcement of the new album of the artist, who gave a breakthrough recently with the single ‘Stupid Love’. However, it has been a little unusual, as it has been given as for stages, of course, taking into account the situation of the pandemic, that is living the world.

However, all is now ready to very soon put in circulation Chromatica, the sixth album from Lady Gaga of study that will contributors famous and up to a song of K-Pop.

In a promotional material that was released in Target stores names appear as the Elton John, who helped the singer in new york in the song Sine from Above, like Ariana Grande, Rain on Me, while Sour Candy was recorded with the band Black Pink.

“I don’t feel that is right to launch this album with everything that is happening,” he said recently Gaga, who was the manager of the concert “Together at Home” with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization, to help in the fight against the covid-19.

But I do unveiled the singer’s new york was the list of the songs that make part of their new album. Plastic Doll,, Love me Right , Alice, Fun Tonight, 911, Enigma, Replay, 1000 Doves, Babylon and three versions of the song that gives the name to the album.