So it would be Emilia Clarke as Elsa in a remake of Frozen-in-picture real


MADRID, 1 Dec. (CulturaOcio) –

With ‘Frozen 2’ sweeping at the box officejust over a week has now raised more than 400 million dollars in all over the worldthere are already fans who dream of the remake in real image of the first tape of the saga. In fact, some followers already have in mind the actress perfect for the role of Elsa: Emilia Clarke.

Thanks to the albino mane blonde who took him in ‘Game of thrones’the fans are very clear that the actress who was Daenerys is the candidate perfect to get into the skin of the queen of Arendelle. There are already fanarts of the british star, wearing a silver hair and a dress worthy of a frigid monarch.

Without a doubt, a spectacular appearancewho remembers that the Khaleesi does not got to sit on the Iron Throne. With which, why not one of ice? If there is someone worthy of ruling Arendelle, that’s the mother of dragons.

Despite the fact that in the series ‘Once upon a time’ ABC could be seen a reinterpretation in the real picture of the characters from ‘Frozen’the classic animated winner of two Oscar awards it is not, of time, between the remakes live-action that prepares Disney.

Perhaps their closeness in time, the first film is 2013 and its sequel just get to the cinemas, has made the House of the Mouse is cautious, to the not still be a factor nostalgia solid, thing that titles such as ‘Beauty and the beast’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘The lion king’ or the future ‘Mulan’ and ‘The little mermaid’ yes, they had to spend more than 20 years since the premiere of original of your respective classic anime.