So take care of your mental health in quarantine


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The american singer confessed that she suffers from bipolarity in a Live Instagram with Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez reveals that makes therapies in quarantine to take care of your mental health Selena Gomez reveals that makes therapies in quarantine to take care of your mental health. (Photo: Selena Gomez-Instagram)

The singer and actress Selena Gomez revealed that mental health is one of your priorities, therefore driving a care during the time of confinement in quarantine.

The interpreter Boyfriend he confessed in a Live Instagram with Miley Cyrus suffered from a bipolar disorder and that one of their secrets to manage the anxiety was to follow a therapy, dialectical behavioral or also called dialectical-behavioral.

This therapy is part of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, third-generation, and is based on the teaching of psychosocial skills, developed by the psychologist american Marsha Linehan.

Selena explained that she realized that she was bipolar after going to “one of the best mental hospitals in the world.” And noted that the diagnosis helped her learn more about herself.

After his confession, thousands of fans of the celebrity they felt grateful, not only because with their statements helped to de-stigmatize the disease, but also by the empathy that the suffering feel to it.

“Obviously, I know that it is a difficult time, and I just want everyone to know who he is dealing with things that you are not alone at all,” said Gomez.

Routine of Selena Gomez for the management of anxiety

Your new habits are concentrated also in the rest conciliator achieved with the help of some tools such as a thermal pad that provides benefits similar to that of a sheet to the anxiety.

A beauty routine also helps, since the applied creams and sprays, facial, enjoys composing in his makeshift study.

Turn off your electronic devices, look for a peaceful environment in your home by decorating with candles, and cleaning sprays, are also part of their routine care, as well as the jot down your achievements in a writing journal.