Stormi Webster, the daughter of Kylie Jenner, revolutionizes Instagram with their minilooks luxury


Stormi Webster Jenner he managed to be crowned in the last few weeks as the baby of the most popular of Instagram. With only 2 years, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, of the cátedra of style at the feed of his mother, impacting more than 170 million users with their minilooks dream. Garments with logomanía luxury, accessories and quirky jewellery millionaire, are some of the features that make this wardrobe not so childish.

Following in the footsteps of his mother, Stormi is a true benchmark of the latest trends and there is no designer who will resist his proposals fashionistas thumbnail. In these days of quarantine, his time, his sets entrecasa tie-dye and batik were the rage in the media: I tremble influencers!

Your garment fetish for excellence are the sports shoes whiteespecially those designed by his father in collaboration with Nike. Even dressed party (with an elegant gown satin) Stormi prioritizes the comfort and defies the rules of etiquette of the events socialités it attends to the clan Kardashian.

One of the most contentious features of his constant exposure to correlate with the jewels that puts her mom, and that, for many, “they are not suited for your age”. In their latest looks, we can identify a unique (and very expensive) diamond ring and a necklace in the shape of chain links XL, also covered with million-dollar jewels.