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In 2016 Warner Bros. and DC Comics decided to release a movie based on the team supervillanos of the company, under the name of “Suicide Squad”. Fans of the comics were excited not only because this film would take to the big screen popular characters in the history of DC, but also because it would add new possibilities for the company to expand its movie universe.

Unfortunately, the international critics described the film as something negative, earning a score of 4.8 on 10 in the page Rotten Tomatoes. Many criticized the band by providing items outside of comics, the regular handling of casting for the part of the antagonists and many more items that the followers of DC not approved.

Despite this, the tape was considered a success at the box office, accumulating a total of 325 million of dollars in United States and 421 million in Canada your budget 175 million. A few months later the same director and writer David Yesterday he admitted that he would have done some different things in the tape, but that work was what would years later James Gunn.

The director of “Guardians of the Galaxy” is currently working on a new version of the movie called “The Suicide Squad” (although some call it Suicide Squad 2with some actors from the original distribution of the tape of Yesterday. Unfortunately for the fans, Will Smith is not among them. Why this actor will not participate in the version of the film?


Will Smith will not return as Deadshot... yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Will Smith will not return as Deadshot… yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)

The universe of movies DC, titled unofficially Universe-extended DC (DCEU)is undergoing a couple of changes after their first wave of films did not work as expected. The DCEU started in 2013 with “Man of Steel” of Zack Snyder and set the tone for the following films, with a focus on darker and more realistic characters DC Comics.

Then, the fans saw the fight between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, so that the DCEU he decided that it was time to welcome a team of anti-heroes in “Suicide Squad”. The same were Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc and Slipknot, who were recruited by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to go on dangerous missions in exchange for reduced sentences.

As already mentioned above, “Suicide Squad” it was not well received by critics, who noted its characters are underdeveloped, sense of humor and clichés, as well as the performance of Jared Leto as the Joker. Even so, a sequel got the green light, and David Yesterday I was ready to return as director.

Will Smith will not return as Deadshot... yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Will Smith will not return as Deadshot… yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)

However, after all the wave of criticism, Yesterday ended up abandoning the project and James Gunn he was hired to write and direct this second part, or reboot that called “The Suicide Squad”. The same will present plenty of new characters and will be part of the cast of the first film, but not Will Smith as Deadshot.

That is to say, “Suicide Squad” 2 it was already in development before the release of the first film. David Yesterday and Will Smith joined together to return to the project and the filming is planned to begin in 2017, once they have finished “Bright”. However, Yesterday, withdrew to lead “Gotham City Sirens”, which was suspended in favor of “Birds of Prey” and filming was moved to 2018 because of commitments it had Smithas I was working on “Aladdin.

For February 2019, Smith abandoned the project due to scheduling conflicts, and Idris Elba he was hired to replace him as Deadshot. Later, Gunn and Warner Bros. they decided that Elba play a different character for that Smith he could have the opportunity to return as Deadshot in a future movie.

Will Smith will not return as Deadshot... yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)
Will Smith will not return as Deadshot… yet (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Projects Smith after “Gemini Man” were “Spies in Disguise” and “Bad Boys For Life” that ended up on film before the shooting of “The Suicide Squad”. But the film that got in the way of his return as Deadshot was the biographical drama “King Richard” that began to film in January 2020as it was scheduled for launch in November 2020, but moved to November 2021 due to the pandemic coronavirus.

The absence of Smith shall not affect “The Suicide Squad” as Gunn is doing a sequel independent, which means that you can take some liberties to give the team a new beginning, it also leaves the door open for that Deadshot come back in a next part. It remains to be seen what will be the result, if the tape is in the works James Gunn is it really a sequel or a reboot with the characters. For now, just have to have patience.


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