“The Beatles are better than the Rolling Stones” and “Gilmour is believed to own Pink Floyd”: the rock classics they revive their outstanding accounts in quarantine


To lack of gigs, the planet of music continues to rotate at the point of the new releases but also on the basis of the file and the memory. Exposed to the running of the bulls and the inevitable self-review, the world seeks comfort in the immediate past -proven by the revival of the classics according to the latest balance sheets of Spotify, while artists do the same hurgueteando in your memory, and opening the trunk of odds and ends, that have left valuable recordings that were gathering dust -as the last singles of Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones-, a autobiography, substantial interviews using phrases to the bronze and, in general, a constant flow of statements and memory exercises that have taken more than a dirty cloth to shine.

“The leisure corrupts the human body, as it corrupts the waters to be still,” said Ovid for more than two thousand years. And today, when time seems frozen and the tedium and anguish do their part, and the icons of popular culture will return to give the reason to the roman poet. It is not an exaggeration to say that in the last three months we have met more of the intimacy of the music stars in a lifetime. And as well as quarantine has once again shown the hand of solidarity of the artists, always quick to join in collective causes, and the covers be beneficial, it has also emerged that humanity that usually cover the lights and the business logic. And several outstanding accounts.

Example of all of the above is the case of Roger Waters (76), the most active of the survivors of Pink Floyd, who has taken advantage of the days of confinement to work in the digital release of the film’s Us + Them -with extracts from his last tour, which was presented in Chile for two years-covering Victor Jara from your home, and also to present a new recorded version of “distance” with his musicians, of the Mother, one of the hymns of The wall (1980). In this latter process, the british ended up to revive the old discord with his former comrade David Gilmour.

“To the question” why this video is not available on a web site that calls itself the site of Pink Floyd, the answer to that is because nothing about me is on the website. David Gilmour forbade me the access to the website,” revealed Waters in a video Twitter. “David thinks that it is the owner. I think that you think that because I left the band in 1985. So he feels that is the owner of Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd, that I am irrelevant and that you should keep your mouth shut”.

In his extensive statement, the musician revealed that he tried to find common ground with his former teammate a year ago, but that the meeting “gave no fruit.” And even took to the dance to Polly Samson, the wife of Gilmour, to illustrate why he feels banished from the official website of their mother group. “There are rumors in the ranks that I tell my friends who follow these things, and some of the questions that are asked are: why do we have to sit and watch Polly Samson for a year? And yet, we didn’t hear anything of what Roger is doing. None of their work is publicized”.

And if it is old rivalries, impossible to skip the one that for years has pitted the Beatles with the Rolling Stones. An antagonism that, for decades, remained hidden under politically correct statements and sarcasm, the british, and that with the time it was being relegated to the underground, almost like an urban myth or an invention of the press of the golden era of the two major groups of English rock. How much there was of truth in this struggle? Its two protagonists, gave lights quite clear at the end of last month, in parallel to their respective respawns in the festival virtual One World, then the own Paul McCartney (77) put aside the false modesty and declared bluntly that “the Beatles were better than the Stones”.

“The Stones are a fantastic group. They are a great band, they are great. But they have their roots in the blues. When they write, are based in the blues. We have more influences. Keith (Richards) once said to me: ‘you Are a lucky guy, you have four singers in your band, we have only one’. There are many differences. I love you, but I agree with you, the Beatles were better”, he deepened Mccartney in an extensive interview for The Howard Stern Show.

And although he admitted that he had “mutual admiration” between the two bands and that this sort of rivalry was “cool,” the singer and bassist had no problems in asserting that during the 60’s the Fab Four felt that their colleagues were repeating their steps. “In a moment, we began to notice that whatever we did, the Stones did after a short time. We went to the united States and we had a great success. And then they were. We Did Sgt. Pepper, and they made his album psychedelic. There was a lot of that. Anyway, we were great friends. And still are. We admire a lot,” he said.

The replica arrived quickly on the part of Mick Jagger (76). In an interview to Apple Music, the frontman fired back, appealing to the capital artistic where your group excels with a vengeance to the of Liverpool. “Obviously, there’s no competition,” he said. “The big difference, and is not minor, is that The Rolling Stones is a great concert band, in other decades and other areas, where The Beatles never did a tour of arenas, Madison Square Garden with a decent sound”.

Then deepened: “They separated before the business began, the real business of the tour. That industry began in 1969, and The Beatles never experienced it (…) That is the real big difference between these two bands. A is incredibly lucky to keep on playing in stadiums, and the other does not exist”.

Hearts and combos

Following the controversies of british rock, the pandemic re-ignited a conflict that, in fact, never has cooled down. Through his Twitter account, Liam Gallagher slipped some days ago the possibility of bring back to the Oasis to raise funds for the british health care system, “with or without” Noel Gallagher. His brother, with whom I do not talk from 2009, he replied short and to the bone: “I Sincerely hope not!”.

The Gallagher brothers.

Added to this was in the last days an old fight between the group’s singer and songwriter, american Mark Lanegan, which arises from the book of memoirs the latter published during the quarantine period. There, the former lead singer of Screaming Trees ensures that he was the reason for Liam Gallagher returned to England in the middle of a tour of Oasis by the united States in 1996. In the recent autobiography, Lanegan explains that the singer left the tour for a moment to another to escape a fight to fist clean scheduled between the two.

“Liam Gallagher was a blowhard, a bully from kindergarten. And like all bullies, he was also a wimp all. Typical. That idiot arrogant peed in his pants and went home before I had the chance to fix this on my own”, he wrote in the book.

At the local level, this week it was also of important revelations. In the framework of the 30th anniversary of Hearts, Jorge Gonzalez was first referred at length to the stormy relationship that he maintained for that time with the couple of Claudio Narea, who inspired the entirety of one of the best albums of music in chile.

“I was in love. A lot. Of an impossible love. The best,” said the singer to The Third. “I never wanted more. That I was happy. I’m glad that cagáramos as well. Romantic. Very appropriate”, he added about the tragic end of The Prisoners, prior to their meeting a decade later.

“If it had been for silver or tiredness, which fome. Vulgar. In contrast, for skirts…”, he explained.

Jorge González and Claudio Narea.

Troubled waters in the pop

While the classics of rock are raised up their differences during the quartering and Jorge Gonzalez doing the same with the genesis of the masterpiece of pop chileno, the panorama between the pop stars anglo, the great protagonists of the popular music of the last few years, it is far from the total harmony.

The charge of setting fire to the prado was the american Lana del Rey, who yesterday, via his Instagram announced a new album for September -the successor to the great Norman Fuckin Rockwell (2019)- and took advantage of clarifying some of the points that involve their companions of profession.

“Now that Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Khelani, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have reached several times the number one with songs that talk about being sexy, do not wear underwear, have sex, cheat your partner and others… please, can I go back to sing about feel good just by being in love, even if the relationship that I have is not perfect, without being crucified or accused of having a romantic vision of the abuse?”, part saying the singer in your posting.

“I’m tired of listening to composers and singers who say that glamorizo the abuse when in reality I’m just a person glamorous that sings about relationships based on the emotional abuse. Something that we all know that is very present today in society,” continues the soloist, in a message that has revolutionized the network and divided the public, sparking expressions of support but also criticism and called to stop listening to your music.

Lana del Rey.