The beautiful declaration of love for Katy Perry to Orlando Bloom


After many comings and goings, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are one of the best moments on a personal level of their respective lives. Have already become an inseparable pair who poses often in the social networks and in the events attended, despite the fact that at the beginning it showed more than recelosas respect to make appearances together. But everything has changed, and the last sample is given by the singer.

Through Instagram has demonstrated that it is in love that is your guy and has given some of the reasons that he has such feelings. The young man has taken advantage of the 43 birthday of the actor to praise you and give you a greeting worthy of admire that has caused the delirium of a great number of his followers, eager for years of the romance of the couple work.

“Many people wonder how they actually built the pyramids, but I am constantly amazed and I wonder how it was so loving, kind, compassionate, caring, talented and deeply spiritual (in reference to Orlando Bloom). There is a reason why all the animals and children run straight to your arms: your heart, so pure. I love you Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom. I wish you the 43 years more happy,” wrote Perry next to a photograph of the actor in the Necropolis of Giza.

Bloom has not lagged behind and has also brought out his romantic side to thank him for his girlfriend-so-nice gesture: “Ready for climbing all those pyramids and mountains with you“he said, showing the good chemistry that they currently have.

The two started their relationship in 2016, but in 2017 had already finished. That same year, decided to resume the romance and, although there have been many rumors of separation, and that I was not going to last, Orlando Bloom surprised her last Valentine’s day asking for marriage. Presumably the link will take place this year, but for the moment it is not known the exact date.