The brother of Nicki Minaj, sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his step-daughter


The brother of Nicki Minaj has been convicted of repeatedly raping his step-daughter of 11 years and has been sentenced to perform 25 years to life imprisonment. The judge of the Supreme Court of New York, Robert McDonald insisted that he ruined the life of the child and attacked with hardness to Jelani Maraj: “Violated this little girl. The violated time and time again“he said. Thus, the sentence comes two years after a jury handed down the verdict of guilt for the sexual abuse of a process that began in 2015.

The victim said on the stand that Maraj was raped in her house in Baldwin, in Alabama, in the marriage with her mother. According to his testimony, the convicted person has abused of it up to four times a week and even twice a day. His younger brother confirmed these statements, claiming that he had been witness, even though it was a test of DNA found in the pyjamas of the girl child which has led to Maraj to jail.

The lawyers of the convicted tried to convince the jury that the prosecution was orchestrated by the mother of the girl child as part of his plan to get 25 million dollars for part of Nicki Minaj in exchange for their silence. However, Maraj and Minaj decided not to testify in the trial, although the singer had paid the bail of $ 100,000 when he was arrested for the first time in 2015.

Until that time, both had been very united, and Nicki had paid the expenses of the wedding of her brother with the mother of the victim, so it is not surprising that it will try to achieve a reduction of the penalty. As reported several u.s. media, Minaj wrote a letter in 2016 in which he described his family as the “man most selfless, kind and gentle that I know”.

For its part, Maraj asked for clemency and declared himself innocent of the charges. “I would like to apologize for the pain that I caused. I had a problem with excessive drinking“he said, and is that their attorney has assured that plans to appeal.