The look-a-likes of Adele panicked by the body of the singer


Already spent several days since Adele took over the talk of the Internet thanks to its spectacular new body; it does, however, not what we can overcome, and their look-a-likes… no less!

After which Adele posted the photo of her new look to celebrate their birthday number 32, some of their look-a-likes they talked about their concern with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in his program “This Morning”.

It turns out that, to the mimicking of british Adele, Jax, Natalie, and Maria, are concerned that, logically, the fans expect them also to drop weight so that they can continue imitating the singer of “Someone like you”.

While Natalie and Maria recognized that will work to help you lose weight, as did his favorite star, Jax made it clear that he feels very well with his current weight and with the talent that he possesses.

“We have not seen it act thin still, I don’t know what will be on the minds of people and what to expect,” said Jax to the presenters.

There is No doubt that Adele left hundreds of fans around the world were very impressed with his new physical appearance, and they have shared their support and respect for having put his own self-love above all.

However, in reality, in addition to in memes, people did not think about the situation that go through the look-a-likes of the singer.

Do you think that all the look-a-likes of Adele need to lose weight to keep working?