The love story of Halsey and Evan Peters


Some days ago, the entire Internet lost the head with the news that we were happy very much: oHalsey already have a partner! And it is nothing more and nothing less than Evan Peters, who worked in American Horror Story and in the latest saga that is presented in the X-Men.

When Evan Peters cut with Emma roberts (who in fact was committed), all the world wondered who would be the next girl who could conquer your heart… and that girl was Halsey.

Halsey it was a couple of rocker English Yungblud, who recently cut off. “Sometimes. People simply separates. It does not mean that someone cheated on the other person, you did something wrong or someone was wrong. Sometimes… it just happens. Because life constantly changes. And the adults continue to remain friends and continue to move forward“wrote Halsey, after making his first appearance with Evan Peters on Halloween.

Recently, Halsey and Evan Peters were seen on a date at Six Flags, which fired the rumors of their relationship. But it was not until Halsey fell on one of the jokes of Ellen Degeneres, where he admitted that the two were already a couple,

What’s more funny, is that many fans of Halsey showed your crush, because a long time ago, Halsey wrote a tweet that said, “I just want some crackers and Evan Peters”. And apparently it has been fulfilled!