The mafia found his enemy in Jennifer Lawrence


After destroying the character of ‘Mystique’, the Oscar-winning actress doesn’t think a rest from the big screen despite having said some years ago that away from the cameras. Now, Jennifer Lawrence will star in ‘Mob Girl’.

And also the will, by the way.

A little over a year of his last work on ‘Red Sparrow’, Lawrence already has the agenda pretty busy with two films: ‘Bad Blood’ by Lila Neugebauer and now ‘Mob Girl’, as reported by Deadline.

It is an adaptation of the novel winning the Pulitzer prize of the same name written by Teresa Carpenter that will be under the direction of Paolo Sorrentino, Italian director and also winner of the Oscar for best foreign language film with The Great Beauty in 2014.

The responsible for the script will be Angelina Burnett, known for his works such as ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ or ‘The Americans’.

This new project represents the return of Sorrentino to the big screen after his break following the world premiere of ‘The youth’ in 2016 and his way through the television with ‘The Young Pope’ starring the very Jude Law.

The story has a lot of potential.

‘Mob Girl’ will be about the life of Arlyne Brickman, a police informant in New York who had first lived with the mafia american attracted by the fortune and the life lavishly until he decides to help the police police in their fight against organized crime.

The story is framed in the investigation and the trial against the crime family Colombo, one of the Five Families that controlled the mafia in New York the last century.

It is worth noting, that the book (and the film) are inspired in real facts.

“See this story from the point of view of a woman supposed to a fresh approach and exciting to tell a classic story of the mafia. We could not imagine a more perfect film, with Jennifer starring in a role of tour de force and Paolo at the helm, to bring to the screen the strength of Arlyne and her unique perspective of life“, explained the executive producer of the film, Brad Weston.

‘Mob Girl’ for the moment he has no date of filming or release window, but according to the recent appointments, it is only a matter of time Lawrence and Sorrentino begin to do your magic.

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