The new style of Hailee Steinfeld


Many of the actors or singers that we follow today began their career when they were only a few children. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff or Selena Gomez are an example of this, small ‘star Disney’ that have been maintained in the showbusiness despite the passage of time. Hailee Steinfeld is another child prodigy. The actress and singer, who 20th anniversary of the 11th of December released with the film True Grit, of the Coen brothers, whose participation earned him a nomination for the awards Oscar. A talent, to which is now added also the music, where he is reaping many successes (as their last single, Starving).

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld, he combines his facet of the actress with the singer

Your style

Minidresses with boots, deep necklines in v, asymmetries, games of volumes, ruffles, dresses full of glitter… Her closet has gone from being a teenager to a sophisticated young woman who dares with almost everything. And best of all, with an attitude and a confidence, that you wished you had many that would bend the age! Risky as few, Hailee you can get your sweeter side with romantic designs of laceto become an explosion of energy thanks to the vivid colorsor wrapped in looks full of brightness and look at the camera like a real rockstar.

Hailee Steinfeld with looks bright

In the last gala of the LOVES, very sexy with a monkey full of pailletes and wide neckline, it became one of the stars on the red carpet. To the right, sophisticated and with a certain air darkwith a dress adorned with a bow XL and a makeup in shades of purple.

Hailee Steinfeld with looks romantic

The pastel shades become your best allies to take out their sweeter side. Lavender, beige, pinks or pearl grey stain delicate fabrics like lace or tulle. The ruffles adorned necklines and low of some of the dresses she has worn recently and what is most surprising is that, carry what you carry, it always shows just as comfortable.

Hailee Steinfeld with looks colorful

And the shades more smooth, the shades more vibrant. The yellow, red, purple or patterned multicolor have been some of their choices, whether it be with tight dresses and sexy or with more pieces from elegant to this original dress envelope (to the right) with a drawstring at the waist. The shoes are adapted to each of its looksopting primarily for thong sandals, although it doesn’t say no to good boots XL. Take a look at the following image.

Hailee Steinfeld with outfits in neutral tones

It is rare to see her repeat footwear but these boots have become one of their must-haves. A model otk (over-the-kneeor what is the same, above the knee), in suede grey that has combined with minidresses shorts and shades are neutral. Without doubt, the shoes without which can not live!


And if in the matter of clothing the risk, in the territory beauty would not be less. Hailee dares with shades of colours, strokes exaggerated eyeliner, lips dark, soft tones… there is nothing that resists it! We have seen even use lenses colors. In a matter of hairstyles also has no problem, and wears her hair loose with a stripe in the middle, wavy and with a certain air messy, pick-up in a low bun or signing up to the latest trends as the multiple forks. That’s it, off-road.

Beauty looks from Hailee Steinfeld