The passion for the animals of Angelina Jolie


If something has been shown Angelina Jolie it is the passion with which she does things, and animals are no exception. She has not only introduced new members of four-legged your family, also opened a shelter that houses different species in a situation of vulnerability. To her residence came a beautiful rabbit grey and white to accompany the fish and a hamster that are already part of the environment. In Namibia, Africa, is funding a wildlife sanctuary that is home to rhinos and elephants injured or orphaned by poaching.

The passion for the animals Angelina Jolie it is not new. Along with their children Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, and twins Knox and Vivienne, promotes actions in favour of species at risk. Still remember the time you were set up to sell snacks organic for dogs. The profits from the sale were donated to a shelter canine of the area. The displacement of Angelina for the world have led to the talented actress to get to know different realities. Sensitized by the suffering of the animals in Africa, decided to undertake a new initiative that today is widely applauded.

Shrines in Africa

In Africa it is common news that refer to the killing of elephants for the ivory of their tusks. There are frequent scenes of these pachyderms dead, with this important part of their bodies loosened. The rhinos don’t run best of luck, dozens of these animals appear on the plains of africa dead at the hands of poachers.

To offer them a new opportunity, Angelina Jolie is funding a wildlife sanctuary in which both species are cared for. There you heal their wounds, they will provide medicines and food and they deliver health care. This shelter takes the name of her daughter Shiloh, a native of Namibia, where he was adopted by the actress winning an Oscar. Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary it is an excellent initiative, worthy of imitation, with the to collaborate the Foundation N / a’an ku sĂȘ, JPF and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia.Angelina Jolie

Spaces for the protection of rhinos and elephants

Some crews, for the permanence of the animals, as well as spaces dedicated to the care and feeding of rhinos and elephants part of this sanctuary. This work is funded from several years ago by the actress and goodwill ambassador of important organisations such as UNHCR, for refugees.

The passion for the animals Angelina Jolie it is not a secret. It is a usual practice for her that she seeks to instill in the six children he had and took next to Brad Pitt. Know your history and find out how this famous actress is related to the environment through charities.